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How to order:

We serve registrated customers exclusively!

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and by e-mail:

form by fax: 0036-29/353-363



-International Forwarding & Logistics Coordinator

My name is Marianna Maros. I am expert of international freight forwarding. I organize all the  international freight, which is floating, rolling or pounding! 

I am responsible for communication with partner companies, efficiency and the resolution of transportation issues.

Furthermore I assist customers with inquiries ,audit freight cost and documentation and review bills, invoices and purchase orders.

I do these tasks with great pleasure!

Might we be of assistance do contact me.

Maros Mariann                                             +36-70-708-8647                  


- Export Sales Manager


I work together with my foreign partners to achive higher and higher turnover.  By the general export routine

I compline special offers to my clients dedicating to them. I visit my clients constantly – it is better if we have more business possibilities –

I like travelling and talking about possibilitiies.  As our company is flexible to all business ideas, so do I. My motto is „There is solution to everything.”




- agent West-Hungary:



Mr. Robert Varga                          0036-70/380-9079      



- agent North-East Hungary:

Mr. Csaba Vámos                       0036-70/320-0700       



- agent South-East Hungary:

Ms. Andrea Temesvári                    0036-70/380-9070      



- agent North-Hungary, Budapest:

Ms. Magdi Szaloki                       0036-70/708-8643      


- Household, wholesaler

Mrs. Marta Wang                       0036-20/3290-691      

Mr. Gyula Tarjanyi                      0036-70/320-2588      



- creative-hobby products

Mrs. Adrienn Berényiné Tamasóczki               0036-70/320-2589      




We speak English:

Mrs. Marta Wang                         0036-20/3290-691                

Ms. Marianna Maross                       0036-70/708-8647                         



We speak Chinese:

Mr. Kaiyu Wang                         0036-20/9384-838



We speak Romanian:

Mrs. Izabella Hasse                                0036-70/320-2585                    



- invoicing:

Ms. Krisztina Szabo                    0036-29-551-890/102 



- coordination:

Ms. Krisztina Dobos                       0036-29-551-890/102 




- purchasing

Ms. Marianna Maross                 +36-70-708-8647         



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