About us..

We are operating as professional distributor in the field of domestic, kitchen utensils, gift & hobby articles. 

Our company started its operation in 1998.

According to the founders’ intention, we wish to find and develop the most appropriate aesthetic household, table and kitchen products (mainly porcelain, ceramic and glass) for the Hungarian market.


With decades of manufacturing experience behind us, we serve our partners with annually growing, updated product ranges.


Though some of our clients often operate in different economic sectors, our individual product manufacturing engineering provides our clients special pre-financing for production, favorable unit price, and quality guarantee.


Our company grows continuously since 16 years distributing more than four thousand different products. Eight thousand square meters is the scope of our European-level warehouse.


The ACH product range has been successful not only domestically but also in neighboring countries as well. Thus, the export activity is expanding gradually in each year.  

Please note that we can serve solely pre-registered reseller partner-companies.


Our regional representative colleagues and a special, unique code web shop entrance option help the continuous information disclosure, the communication of incoming products and the work up of the orders.


What We Do


28 people strong team assists our partners’ commodity purchase and sales work the most successful way in the following sectors:


-         household product range

-         catering specialist trading product range

-         creative hobby product range

-         promotional materials


Despite the difficult economic environment, we managed to achieve sales growth in the recent years also.


Our regional representatives program has ensured the success of one of the developments’ corner stones.  


In the year of 2014, we have gained even more prominence in the market segments represented by us. We have been increasing the imports of consumption-encouraging product-novelties, our active market pursuits and the information exchange with our partners.


Another significant development of us is the “ACH graphical looks” which ensures the uniform shelf image of our standard products.

This ACH graphical looks contribute to the uniform packaging, colors and motifs of the already accustomed and liked products.


We have achieved stable, market leader standing on the domestic market.

The evidence of our company’s positive international image is that renowned European manufacturers have charged us exclusively with their products distribution.


We are special in implementation of mass production according to certain individual needs.

Even we carry quite often different product range from our merchandise assortments into production.


Our partners:

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