Unsere Philosophie


To provide the most appropriate houseware/catering/ creative hobby merchandise for the Hungarian and Middle-Eastern-European market region, to fulfill the expectations and demands of our customers, always keeping ethical and responsible relations with employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


To become a specialist of custom-designed product innovation and development.To keep up the market leader role on the field of decorated ceramics series . To create value for our customers and for our firm, by the outstanding performance of our colleagues.


  • Expertise - our aim is to provide complete expert economical and efficient solutions, in our product profile, for all of the procurement demand of our customers.
  • Experience - our experts who attend to the changing demands of market dispose of several years? experience, having wide practice and procurement possibilities, as well as many connections.
  • Value creation - our ambition is to provide clear and transparent conditions, for the mutual creation of values with customers, which promotes the increase of our customers? market share.
  • Ingenuity - we permanently make every efforts to widen our product fields, to find solutions for demands, and in this respect we depend on our ingenious human resources.
  • Reliability - our primary pursuit is to prepare accurately the merchandise ordered by our customers, and to give solutions on a quality level.
  • Confidence - confidence is the key of our connection with customers, therefore we commit ourselves to proceeding honest and open communication and connection.
  • Quality - the factories producing those products we distribute with exclusivity, are word leaders and famed, providing us with outstanding quality and world-famous trade marks.
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